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My spiritual path started after I learned Transcendental Meditation in 1999 in my native Holland. I was very surprised to notice that I suddenly felt so much better by just meditating every day! Things that I took for granted about myself, like being usually on the sombre side, feeling stressed, having a foggy mind and being stuck in negative patterns, suddenly started changing themselves. I began to feel a lot more positive about life and felt a lot clearer in my head. I also noticed that my intuition became a lot stronger.

My healing path started after a visit to the spiritual community of Findhorn in Scotland. I returned feeling wonderful and full of light. Within hours of telling about my experiences all that beautiful light was gone and I was feeling ‘normal’ again. This wasn’t the first time that this happened - being a very sensitive person I was easily influenced by other people’s energies and opinions. This brought me on the path of Aura & Chakra Healing where I learned how to protect myself from negative energies and also how to use healing energy for healing myself and others.

This really got me started! I began giving healings to friends and family, after learning Quantum-Touch, an amazing modality to heal physical and emotional pain. A trip to Hawaii where I met my totem animal Humpback Whale, sparked my interest in shamanism. This resulted in attending a Shamanic Healing training with 6 different shamans from around the world. 

Meanwhile I did a Primal/Rebirth training for my own personal development. A huge shift occurred after a Family Constellations weekend. My world turned around a 180 degrees and from then on I really felt like a new person: I now was trusting the future, felt very positive about life, felt a lot of inner strength and was able to stay this way.
In 2007 I moved to Australia and continued to learn more modalities. I learned ThetaHealing and became a Family Constellations facilitator. Shortly after I moved to North Narrabeen I have officially opened my practice: White Raven Healing. I work from a beautiful healing space surrounded by bush and bird song.

Recently while trying out my new custom made Shaman Drum, I spontaneously started channeling chants. Having studied Musicology and having worked for different contemporary music ensembles and festivals, I've always wanted to combine my passion for healing and for music without really knowing how. I'm very excited that I now have found my own way. Everything I've done seems to come together in Sound Healing.

Apart from working with clients one on one, I also run different workshops on a regular basis, like Family Constellations and Sound Baths. This is the most rewarding ‘work’ I have ever done, leaving me filled with gratitude and joy being able to be of service by watching people grow and create a more fulfilling life!

I'm available to contribute to your event, retreat or special occasion with beautiful high vibrational sounds!

About me

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