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Sound Healing

Using sound for healing purposes is one of the oldest ways of healing known to man. Even during times when our ancestors barely had any possessions, they still had access to the most powerful sound healing tool: the Human Voice.


Singing, chanting or toning has been used for healing throughout history all over the world. From Sanskrit mantra's to Gregorian Chant to Throat (overtone) singing in Mongolia. The voice resonates within the body aligning that what is out of balance.


Many forms of Sound Healing have been used by ancient cultures all over the world. They used drumming to get into an altered state of awareness to contact the spirit world in order to heal a tribe member. They danced themselves into a trance to receive guidance from spirit about what action to take about different issues concerning their tribe.

In Australia the didgeridoo or yidaki has been used for healing for about 40,000 years.


How does it work?

Every cell in the body is vibrating at a certain frequency = sound. We also know that the lower the frequency becomes in your body, the more susceptible you will become to illness.

During a Sound Healing session or Sound Bath the different frequencies of the various instruments will penetrate all the cells of your body and will start raising their frequency. Making viruses and bacteria harmless.

Our body has the natural tendency to start resonating with the same frequencies that are offered during a Sound Bath. I have six Alchemy Crystal Bowls that are made of very pure Quartz Crystal that both have a very high frequency. They have a beautiful clear sound and are very uplifting. Also the gong and Tibetan Singing Bowls are known for their high vibration.

Masaru Emoto has shown us that water crystals will form beautiful symmetric patterns when they come into contact with beautiful music or positive words. Imagine what happens within your body when you are surrounded by beautiful sounds, realising that we consist of 70% water!



During a Sound Bath/Healing you will become totally relaxed on a very deep level. Your body starts to heal itself helped by all these higher frequencies generated by the different instruments and my voice, removing stagnant energy and allowing muscles to relax.

Research has shown that a Sound Healing stimulates the production of nitric oxide, a chemical that helps to balance your immune system, lowers blood pressure, reduces inflammation and improves your sleep quality.

These are just a few examples of what a Sound Healing can do. Having a specific intention of what you would like to get out of the session will be very beneficial. Jonathan Goldman, one of the Sound Healing pioneers has found out that Sound + Intention = Healing.


Look here to read about what people have experienced during my Sound Baths.


My journey

In 2006 I had an important vision at the end of my Shamanic Healing training that showed me that it is important for me to start using my voice. This happened when I started to make some sounds during one of our last shamanic journey's, I suddenly saw a circle of people telling me: "Finally you are using your voice!". Having a blocked throat chakra it took me quite some time and a lot of healing work to get to the point that I could start following up on this vision and now that I have stepped into this, there is nothing that brings me more pleasure and fulfilment than using my own voice!

Systemic/ Family Constellations

Are you repeating the same patterns in your life and would you like to get rid of them once and for all? In this profound healing work deep underlying issues can be resolved in just one session.


- Do you have a challenging relationship with one of your parents/siblings/children/partner?
- Do you have an emotional issue that doesn’t seem to resolve? 
- Do you have the feeling of being stuck in your life? 
- Do you have a persistent physical symptom? 
- Do you like some guidance on what direction to take in your life?

- Do you think there is a past life that might be still affecting you?
- Do you want to know what is blocking you from living the life you want?


Systemic/ Family Constellations is a fascinating technique developed in Germany by Bert Hellinger that aims to restore the energetic balance and flow of unconditional love within a family. It works on a soul level and provides deep transformational healing. It becomes easier to let go of difficulties within a relationship when you know more about the reason why. By doing a Constellation you can get more clarity on issues and resolve them by revealing the hidden dynamics behind them. 

Big events like severe illnesses, early deaths of family members, miscarriages, divorce, abuse, war, emigration, addictions, have a deep impact on the family dynamics. They can create a burden for one or more family members without them being aware of it. Even generations later these events can still have an impact on you subconsciously. These entanglements can be resolved when there is more clarity on how they were formed. It is then that the family system can relax and lift the burden making you free to start living from a different place.


How does it work?
During a Family Constellation different family members will be represented by other people present in the room. Together they will create a ‘Knowing Field’ and they will make visible what the entanglements in the system are. This is mostly done in a silent way just by tuning into the feelings of that particular person. With the help of short ‘healing sentences’ and by moving people to different positions, the blocked energy can be freed and the entanglement can resolve. Rituals may also play a role in this. 

There are different ways of participating in a constellation. When you like to look at something you struggle with, you can have your own constellation. Or you can represent a family in someone else’s constellation. While providing support for this person, there will also be a part of you that will receive healing, because there is always a reason that you are chosen to represent a particular person. The parallels with your own life can be very striking and insightful.

Even just by being present in the room you can get clarity and find some relief of your own issues.

There is no need for other family members to be present for doing a constellation and there is no need for disclosing a lot of details about your family situation.

Does this only work for family issues?

No, Constellations can also be applied to many other areas of your life, like work related issues, issues about creating abundance, achieving your goals, discovering the deeper reason of a symptom, etc.


Are you ready for shifting challenging relationships within your family? Contact me now and experience this profound healing work for yourself!

Be ready for a life changing experience! 


Paulien Gort, will bring in her wealth of experience with different healing modalities to support the Constellation work when necessary, like ThetaHealing and Sound Healing.

She regularly facilitates workshops in a respectful and intimate setting in Sydney.

Individual sessions, in person or via SKYPE/ phone are also available.

Please look at the event section for the next workshop.

I did my training with these people: Jan Velsen



With ThetaHealing you can easily identify the limiting beliefs that keep you from living the life that you truly want. We often don't realise that especially certain events in our youth, will create limiting beliefs for the rest of our lives. They create little voices in your head like: "I'm not good enough", "I will never succeed", I am not lovable". As we get older these thoughts are still creating our life from our subconscious, while we might not even be aware of them.


ThetaHealing is a wonderful tool to make those thoughts conscious again by finding out what was causing them in the first place. Simply by releasing the source of the limiting belief and by replacing it with positive feelings and beliefs, you can create better relationships, a more fulfilling life or a more successful business. By reprogramming the subconscious you can boost your self esteem and confidence and create the life you want.

Other services:

Apart from the modalities already mentioned above I also work with a range of other modalities (see below) assisting you with:​

  • reducing pain

  • realigning bones

  • de-stressing

  • allergy clearing

  • rebalancing your chakra's

  • depression/anxiety

  • guidance in your life

  • connect with your power animal

  • soul retrieval

Private Meditation sessions

Would you like to boost your spiritual development?


There's nothing like meditation to assist you on your path towards spiritual growth. A regular meditation practice will peel layer after layer bringing you closer to your soul, to your True Self.

There are many reasons for meditating regularly:

- become less stressed and more peaceful

- boost your immune system

- stay healthier

- your quality of life improves (physical, mental, emotional and spiritual)

- have an increased clarity of mind

- increased will-power and stamina

- an increased ability to concentrate

- helps to develop your intuition and creativity

- becoming less reactive and more open


Paulien has maintained a regular meditation practice for about twenty years and is a qualified Dru Meditation Teacher. Dru Meditation has a structured approach which involves gentle yoga postures to release blocked energy and a deep relaxation before sitting in a silent meditation. Since the last few years she has been involved in different programs of  spiritual teacher Craig Hamilton of Integral Enlightenment. She finds his approach of non-dual meditation very helpful. This technique will help you to train your mind and will help you to experience your True Nature without being distracted by thoughts or feelings. By engaging with this practice regularly, it will become easier to stay in touch with your meditative state throughout your day. You will make decisions from a deeper place of wisdom and will start to engage with the world in a new way.


Paulien offers private meditation sessions tailored to your needs, drawing upon her wealth of experience with different techniques.


Sound Healing, Family Constellations, ThetaHealing, Quantum-Touch Level I & II, Quantum-Allergy, Aura & Chakra Healing, Shamanic Healing, Dru Meditation.

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Family Constellations
Sound Healing


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