Sound Bath

Deeply relax and let go of daily life while listening to soothing beautiful sounds. The high frequencies of instruments and voice will enable deep healing and re-balancing, making you feel nourished and peaceful.

Paulien will channel Light Language (ancient songs) transmitting powerful codes to facilitate healing and an expansion of your consciousness.


Paulien will be playing from a place with a beautiful ancient energy. You will hear a beautiful Alchemy Crystal bowl Sage Forest Gold bowl, Tibetan Singing Bowls, Gong, Kalimba, Overtone Tube Chimes, Shaman Drum and Light Language.

The high frequencies of instruments and voice will enable deep healing and re-balancing. It brings relief to pain, clears energetic blockages and improves sleep quality. Most likely you don't want this to end and just drift off to a deep sleep. 

TWO WAYS to listen to the Sound Bath:

- Join us online at the time below via Zoom

- Listen to it in your own time with the link of the replay


We will start with a Light Body Activation with Selenite Swords of Light and a physical relaxation to bring you in a higher vibration and relax your body to be open for receiving the healing vibrations .

Recommendations for best results:

- lay down comfortable and make sure you will not be disturbed by anybody (switch phone off)

- have water handy

- eye bag

- cover


Energy exchange:

$22 online

$11 financially impacted

When: Friday 10th Oct

Online, and replay

7.00 - 9.00pm.

Or at a time that suits you.

Energy exchange:

$22, or $11 (if financially impacted)

Book your spot here!

(you can adjust the amount)

After payment you will receive a Zoom link.

Mensen in NL kunnen ook naar Ermelo om het Sound Bath bijwonen (om 11 uur 's ochtends). Graag even vooraf checken of er nog plek is. (20 euro)​

Here is some feedback from previous Sound Baths:
"Each instrument adjusted my body in a different way, it took me to a different vibration. I feel wonderful now! I feel completely different. My energy is flowing again. It's brilliant! "
"It's just so beautiful, I felt healed in this sacred space and I felt held and nurtured and I just went on my journey. And it was like OMG I have to come back! It was just lovely."


Upcoming events

Full day Family/Systemic Constellations workshop 

Would you like to be freed from any unhealthy relationships?

Are you tired of repeating the same patterns in your life? 

Do you have a persistent physical issue?

Would you like some guidance in your life?

Might there be a past life still affecting you?

Do you have certain emotions and you don't know why?

Science has proven that we inherit not only the way we look but also the way we feel, as trauma and pain in the family line can get passed down to the next generation.
Family Constellations looks at the greater picture of family dynamics including the previous generations. Only when we become aware of these invisible family dynamics we are able to heal and let go of the past.

In this profound healing process you will have the opportunity to be a part of other people's healing process as well as your own, during constellations and short systemic exercises.
We will conclude with healing sounds from Alchemy Crystal Bowls for integration.

What you can gain from this workshop is:

- more understanding, clarity and compassion in relationships

- insight in your hidden family dynamics

- a sense of balance & harmony

- feeling free from invisible burdens

- restoring the flow of love

- receiving healing on a soul level

- feeling supported by your ancestors

- changes in your relationships, work, health, wealth and life

Paulien Gort has been regularly facilitating Family Constellation workshops since 2012. After finishing her training she deepens her knowledge of this work by regularly attending workshops by international facilitators.

Date TBC 

"It's been 24hrs since I completed Paulien's Family/Systemic Constellation Workshop - First One! The profound insights haven't stopped and have been reflected in significant shifts of thoughts, behaviour and healing.
Issues of complex grief and psychiatric admissions were placed under the microscope and full stopped!
Paulien calls upon a variety of tools and exercises to intuitively shift all individuals as a group. Her extensive knowledge and experience is heightened by her absolute love and passion for this work.
I would highly recommend this workshop to all those seeking to understand and break patterns impacting all areas of their life, such that they may walk/run/dance to the beat of their own heart!
Onwards and upwards!"


Family Constellations workshop 

Have you heard about Family Constellations but you don't really know what it is?

I've created this workshop to give people an experience of this powerful and transformative way of working with your family lineage. In this online workshop we will all participate in the constellation either by witnessing, holding space or by being part of it.

Where is the flow of love blocked in your life? Is it with your parents, one of your siblings, your children or your work? Past trauma's may have closed your heart, even trauma's that occurred a few generations ago and that you are not aware of.

There can be many reasons for doing a Family Constellation.

You may be carrying a burden for someone else in your family without knowing it, causing you emotional issues or keeping you stuck. Or maybe you keep repeating the same patterns as those before you? Do you have a persistent physical issue? Are you looking for guidance in your life?

By doing a Constellation we look at the greater picture of family dynamics including the previous generations. We can discover that we carry burdens out of love for our parents, our grandparents or our great-grandparents.

Only when we become aware of these invisible family dynamics and acknowledge them we are able to heal and let go of the past, making us free to make our own choices.

Family Constellations offer a holistic view on why certain issues within families keep persisting even when we think we are aware of what might have caused it.

By having your family members represented by other people the invisible patterns and entanglements become visible to be healed.

This powerful and deeply transformative work heals on a soul level and can create a positive ripple effect in your whole life.


Participating in a constellation will offer insights, healing and glimpses of the mystery of life.


Date: 22nd October, 7:00 - 9:00pm Sydney time


Have your own Constellation: $120

Participants: $15

Contact me if you would like to have your own constellation.

Book as a participant here.


Weekly Meditations 
I am feeling drawn to support my community with weekly meditations via Zoom. 
There is so much uncertainty and distress in the air that I'd like to make a contribution to offer an anti-dote of LIGHT in the form of a group meditation. When we connect as a group in meditation we strongly amplify the healing effect not only for ourselves but also for those around us.

For me the best way to connect with my core and to what is true is to meditate. No matter if I have a busy mind, strong emotions or feeling stressed, that's all OK when I just sit. 

No meditation experience needed. I will be using many different tools to get you in a deeply relaxed and peaceful state. I will be drawing upon my experience with Dru Meditation (3 year training) and different meditation teachers. Some of the tools that I use are Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls, Gongs, Toning, Selenite Swords of Light. Just whatever seems right for that particular moment. 
The meditations are by Donation.

Energy exchange: $2 - $10

Click here for Zoom access link.    

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