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Full Moon Sound Bath

Deeply relax and let go of daily life while listening to soothing beautiful sounds. The high frequencies of instruments and voice will enable deep healing and re-balancing, making you feel nourished and peaceful. This Full Moon is in Aquarius and is a great opportunity to let go anything you no longer need. 

Paulien uses a unique blend of many high vibrational instruments with a myriad of different sounds that will support you on this journey, like the Neptune Gong, Alchemy Crystal Bowls, Tibetan Singing Bowls, Shaman Drum, Overtone Xylophone, Crystal pyramid and Monochord. She will channel Light Language transmitting powerful codes to facilitate healing, activation and an expansion of your consciousness.

A Sound Bath will bring you into such a deep state of relaxation, that the innate healing abilities of your body will be activated.

It helps pain relief, releases calming and healing hormones, improves the immune system, balances the chakra's and improves sleep quality.

It offers the opportunity to be away from daily concerns and just surrender to the flow of beautiful, soothing sounds making you feel uplifted and supported.

A Light Body Activation with Selenite Swords of Light is included which has a deeply calming effect and is cleansing the aura and subtle energy bodies.

You'll come out feeling deeply nourished and relaxed.
We'll finish with a cuppa and some healthy snacks to bring you fully back.

Please bring:
- yoga mat and cover
- water
- eye pillow

- socks

North Narrabeen

Monday 19th August

Time: 7.30 - 9.30pm.

Bookings essential!  

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I can’t recommend Paulien’s Sound Healings enough. I arrived stressed, sad, and feeling over-burdened and left feeling deeply nurtured, centred and relaxed. Paulien has the gift to tune in very accurately to what is required to bring you back into balance. The sacred space she creates really ‘holds’ you. I felt many blissful tingling sensations through my body and tension literally leaving. Pauline also picked up on a traumatic past life as a soldier I had been ‘re-visiting’ and the Sound Healing lifted all that sadness and heavy energy. Thank you Paulien!


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Constellation event

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Full day Family and Systemic Constellations


Experience profound healing, receive insights, shift perspectives on your family & yourself, let go of the past, making you feel more aligned.

This workshop is for you if you:

- want to stop to repeat certain patterns in your life

- would like to have more fulfilling relationships

- want to gain insight around a persistent physical issue

- are looking for guidance about your path in life

- want to check any past life situations

- have certain emotions and you don't know where they've come from

We are all the product of our upbringing in one way or another. Even when we want to do things differently compared to our parents we don't always succeed. We end up having similar behaviors, much to our disappointment or maybe even our dis-pear. How can we change our behavior on a deep level?


By doing a Constellation you go back to the core to where it all started and get insight why a certain unhealthy dynamic was created within your family. Seeing the real reason for a family members behavior by shedding light on what was hidden before, you can feel more compassionate towards them and thereby to yourself as well. You discover a new way to relate to your family by restoring the Flow of Love. You will start to experience more ease in your life and you can start enjoying relationships that were challenging previously.

Let go of what you have taken on from others and own what is yours. Only when we become aware of these invisible family dynamics we are able to heal and let go of the past. There is something very liberating when stating the truth of how it is, bringing relief and acceptance. Only when we become aware of these invisible family dynamics we are able to heal and let go of the past.

In this profound healing process you will have the opportunity to be a part of other people's healing process as well as your own, during constellations and short systemic exercises.
We will conclude with healing sounds from Alchemy Crystal Bowls for integration.

What you can gain from this workshop is:

- more understanding, clarity and compassion in relationships

- insight in your hidden family dynamics

- a sense of balance & harmony

- feeling free from invisible burdens

- restoring the flow of love

- receiving healing on a soul level

- feeling supported by your ancestors

- changes in your relationships, work, health, wealth and life

Paulien Gort has been regularly facilitating Family Constellation workshops since 2012. After finishing her training in the Netherlands she deepens her knowledge of this work by regularly attending workshops by international facilitators.

Sunday 8th September

10.00 - 5.00pm

North Narrabeen

Ticket and information


"I recently attended a Family Constellation workshop, not entirely knowing how it would unfold. It was a deeply profound session, which has left me feeling more sympathetic towards my family. The session opened up a lot of thoughts and emotions, leaving me feeling very curious about the how's and why's. It was a big shift, which I am still processing - in a very positive, compassionate way. I would like to continue the journey once I have processed my thoughts and feelings from the first session. It was very meaningful!"

Debbie S

"I have attended Paulien’s Family Constellation workshops and Sound Bath's multiple times. It is always a very nourishing experience. Groups are just the right size, so that everyone has the opportunity to work on their own stuff and everyone has time for their processes.

I have recognized very unexpected positive changes a few weeks after the workshop. Calmer mind, peaceful inside and energetic shifts, new and unexpected opportunities started showing up in my life and I have become more open to receive them. It is beyond my comprehension, some channels have been opening and I'm at awe of this work. 

Thank you Paulien."

Oksana P.

Sound Baths in regional NSW TBC

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