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"Since the last (Family Constellations) workshop my life has changed like 270 degree, definitely experiencing less internal sadness!!! Thanks so much. More awareness about the kind of people I want around me, looking after myself, more conscious, tranquil, better relationship with my parents and myself.

I would LOVE to participate in your next workshop, please keep me posted as I would really like to come back!"


"I recently attended a Family Constellation workshop, not entirely knowing how it would unfold. It was a deeply profound session, which has left me feeling more sympathetic towards my family. The session opened up a lot of thoughts and emotions, leaving me feeling very curious about the how's and why's. It was a big shift, which I am still processing - in a very positive, compassionate way. I would like to continue the journey once I have processed my thoughts and feelings from the first session. It was very meaningful!"

Debbie S

Family Constellation workshop:
"I am so appreciate this powerfully transformative space to resolve and transform old ancestral traumas within my family  that are needing to be healed and transformed in order to align with something much healthier, balanced and life giving.


What is deeply supportive about this modality is its ability to heal and transform at a soul level, which allows us to access the limitless creative potential within ourselves in a way that western therapies do not acknowledge. Many wise indigenous cultures know that for true lasting healing to happen it needs to happen at a soul level.


Another important benefit is that family issues can be resolved without any input from other family members. For those of us that are called to heal in a conscious way, it is often the case that we are needing to turn towards trauma in our family that other members do not have the ability to turn towards or are even willing to address.


The opportunity to express to these family members what needs voicing as a way to bring healing is so very valuable.


Thank you Paulien for your skilled holding and the safety you create through your unconditional positive regard without judgment for whatever emerges.


I have recommended this space to many people and I know that our ancestors on the other side encourage us to be the ones that can heal what needs to heal to allow the healing to ripple backwards to the past and forwards to those that will come afterwards.


Much Love and deep gratitude


Family Constellations workshop:

"Thank you for your time yesterday.

It was a real eye-opener for me so much going on, on so many levels.

I really enjoyed being a part of everyone's healing. It wasn't till I got home last night that I realised what I need to work on and why, I feel now is the best time to bring all this up and get through it with your help. I feel very safe and able to be open with you about the mess I have been carrying around my whole life. I am able to get to the core of my problem and not fuss over the details, and best of all give it back to where it started. I can't thank you enough for your time, help and guidance. 

Thank you again for arranging this amazing day of healing I look forward to work again with you."

Kylie W            


"Yesterday's workshop was a great experience.  I wasn't sure if family constellations were usually that emotional. ... .  I'm still working on tapping into my intuition.  I was really surprised though when a flood of tears hit me a couple of times and I wasn't expecting it.

"One of the roles I was chosen for  ----- was almost identical to what happened to me and the problems I now face.  

The main difference for me is the abuse was a different type. For me, the main challenge I've had is understanding and forgiving my mother.

I am very honored to be part of the day and very appreciative of the life I'm living, and even more committed to learning how to be freer to live to authentic purpose."

"The session (Family Constellations workshop) yesterday was good. I wasn't sure what to expect but I thought it was very healing and the group dynamics worked. Interesting for N's constellation that he chose me as himself, as the dynamics in my family are similar, Irish grandfather who didn't teach his son (my dad) to engage and process emotions, so I feel indirectly I will benefit from his constellation.

Thank you for facilitating a great session, it was lovely to meet you. I will keep you posted if I notice further changes/healings going forward."

Lana Hayes

"Paulien's Sound Bath is a sonic sensation for the senses! I felt relaxed & uplifted after experiencing the journey she took me on"
Jackie Jones


"I recently experienced my first sound bath with White Raven Healing, it was a beautiful journey and I felt positive shifts within my body. I had been experiencing tension headaches and visual disturbances and immediately after the session the headache disappeared and the vision issues was like my nervous system got a warm hug of comfort from the divine. 

Thank you Paulien for your unique gift!" 


"Thank you for the beautiful sound bath; you're very gifted! I could really feel your surrender & connection with Mother Earth, as Her Divine expression flows through you in song & instrumental sound. A great blessing to be present & experience that deep meditation & oneness, transporting us beyond time & space, reconnecting with all that is..."

Kaye A


"The external world drops away and I am awash with sound and light. Paulien holds a powerful healing space and channels the wisdom of ancient spirits to guide the journey for all. An incredible experience that I'd recommend to anyone wanting to heal and journey internally."

Thomas VanLane


"Paulien, the sound bath was so energising and uplifting! I really appreciated the meditation as I could process and release what I needed to. There are beautiful, strong  energies working with you so, remember to invite them in and I am told “The more the merrier”, so they can continue to activate, heal and release."

Melissa Matthews



"Thank you for an amazing sound bath. Your sensitivity to energies in the room, your facilitation & the music you create are all beautifully conducive to an expansive & healing experience."

Marc 'Kundalini' Cottee

"It has been a joy to work with Paulien. Her healing sessions are extraordinary. Paulien is a wonderful, loving and dedicated healer and family constellation facilitator. I have had the pleasure of experiencing Paulien's healing work in two ways:

Sound Bath Healing:

This was a beautiful healing session with the wonderful instruments Paulien loves. The gong, singing bowls and many more. Her voice is absolutely beautiful and together with the instruments they took me on a journey of letting go of that which I no longer needed and I also ended up in a beautiful ascension meeting my 'masters' in the highest realm. A must for everyone needing to go through physical and emotional healing.

Family Constellation session:

This was a mind-blowing experience. I participated as a representative and the momentum and energies in the group were absolutely extraordinary. Not only did the person we supported receive the learning, healing and way forward, but us as representative went through our own process of healing and learning. This powerful session ensure you identify the core of any family issue and how we can resolve this physically and energetically. Paulien was an amazing, supportive and loving facilitator, taking us through this journey of learning step by step and held the space beautifully. I cannot recommend Paulien highly enough. Feel free to connect with me if you'd like to know more".

Bianca de Reus - Connecting Soul Beings

"I've been seeing Paulien several times for sessions and workshops because I find her very gifted and skilled in what she does. I have experienced profound changes and synchronicities from a single Constellation or ThetaHealing session. Having been a representative in a Constellation workshop a number of times, I'm always amazed about how much I can relate to the role I'm chosen for, as well as the whole constellation in general. I've noticed significant changes in my life since attending constellations. My relationships with family members I've had issues with have gone from estranged to enjoying spending time together, something that hadn't happened for years. It really does amaze me how her skills work - it seems like magic!"

Julie, Sydney

"I am stronger & more confident! I am very thankful for your guidance it was a very powerful energetic healing"!!


"I attended a Sound bath facilitated by Paulien from White Raven Healing. I felt safe and very relaxed during the hour and a half that we experienced Sound flow and frequencies vibrating through the room and our bodies. Paulien is a very calm and lovely person who has the ability to sense the energy of the space and she intuitively changed the instruments including her powerful voice to suit our time together. I left feeling calmer and lighter. It was also appreciated that we were offered tea and healthy nibbles to ground us before the journey home. I definitely slept very well that night. Many thanks." 

Ros Tebble 


"Paulien is a caring Family Constellations facilitator who has the ability to create a warm and intimate space. She brings her knowledge of energy healing and meditation into family constellations, so that the client feels well supported and accompanied. She has great insight that allows her to address the real issues."
Francine Jorda, Family Constellations facilitator.


"I have participated in my fourth Family Constellation workshop in March 2014, being a representative. Even though, I've never done my own constellation yet, I always find myself in a state of clarity after each experience. What amazes me the most is how our stories (totally unrelated) get untangled and there is a true sense of letting go within me. The environment and facilitation offered by Paulien feel very safe, nurturing and supportive. I recommend Family Constellations to everyone who feels stuck trying to make sense of their relational issues (with self as well as with the others).”

Irina Gladushchenko, wellbeing practitioner


“Lately I have been going to a series of meditation lessons organised by White Raven Healing. At the time I was going through a pressured period and really wanted to find a structured way to work on my body and spirit.  The classes were very helpful to me as they offered a combination of relaxation exercises (energy release) as well as meditation. This approach really helped me to become more balanced. I would really like to recommend Paulien to anyone who is looking to learn more about meditation, practice meditation as well as to get help with releasing stress and better connecting with your body”.


"A beautiful energetic experience of sound, I was able to completely let go as well as tap into past life experiences"



"Paulien creating a welcoming space where I felt instantly relaxed. The sound bath was exquisite and I felt immense peace resonating with me for day afterwards."



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